Monday, September 3, 2007

ICX-SKN can replace human skin

There is a virtually impeccable option stem cells. Yes, only certain patients had nowhere to take them. Because scientists working in a person then, a prototype artificial human skin. Alas, until the skin is not very well take root. But experts have not given up, so they came over to say about this breakthrough.

British scientists from Intercytex (company, which for many years was the restoration of hair and skin), a model of imitation leather, which can be used for transplantation in human wounds. This development, according to its authors, ahead of its previous performance in the field.

What? you ask. And you answered : firstly that ICX-SKN (namely the so-called scientists is) much better allowed into the wounds of this skin. Другие материалы, используемые ранее как трансплантаты, деградировали in situ в течение нескольких недель после наложения на рану, что приносило пациенту и его врачам множество проблем.

As scientists recount in a press release, ICX-SKN in composition is very similar to human skin and therefore not be destroyed and not ottorgaetsya organism. That fact greatly simplifies the use ICX-SKN.

ICX-SKN Artificial skin is a matrix of fibrin (protein vyrabatyvayuschegosya body for healing), which introduced fibroblasts (cells responsible for the development and the formation of new collagen tissue).

They say ICX-SKN transferred to the damaged site in the same way as if it was a real skin. After transplantation "sky" on the surface of the wound fibroblasts become a collagen (as happens in the human organism with small skin lesions). The latter is a matrix of elastic and firm in defending the damaged section from external shocks.

Because the matrix is in a stable condition, it is not destroyed in the process heal.

It is a form of artificial skin was transplantirovana six healthy volunteers in the upper arm (laboratory sample sequence at the skin of the oval, which was removed healthy skin).

After 28 days visual and histology tests showed that the artificial skin is not razlozhilas not rastreskalas, it flourish capillaries and skin cells of patients. Damaged sections of skin wounds (in some cases experimenters observed small scars).

Leading specialist Intercytex Paul Kemp (Paul Kemp) joyfully surprised : "The speed healing wounds, surprised even me. If further tests will be held as well, we will produce a revolution in the treatment of wounds and burns. "

In fact, on further testing. While the first test is very impressive, it should be noted that the product has not yet been tested on these wounds (not made artificially), as well as extensive damaged.

Despite this, Dr. Kemp and his colleagues, of course, hope that a quality product that will be the alternative procedure of skin transplants.

But at the moment transplant donor skin is the best way to treat severe burns and large wounds. Luchshiy- it better, but far from ideal, so scientists from different countries and making attempts to create artificial skin.

There must remember previous studies in this area : genetically modified implant skins, tissues wounds polymer with cell culture and assay gel, as well as fantastic as yet skin from the printer.

However, there is no universal solution. But they want.

For example, a patient enters the hospital with third-degree burns, which is more than 50% of burnt skin. In such a case, his own skin regeneration is not possible, let scientific language, due to slow migration epithelium, and the only salvation can be a transplant donor skin (sometimes used by the human skin, but the skin of animals, such as pigs, the closest of its properties ), or via artificial.

Moreover, even if the transplant skin of the same rights with one body to another, there is mass additional problems : the patient's hospitalization, his immobilizovannoe state, anesthesia, additional wounds to the sites, which transferred to the skin. Not to mention that in some cases there are complications and rejection of the transplanted.

In this sense, the product company Intercytex think the best solution. Medik and patients would have been much calmer if such cases were shelved pripasen universal transplant.

As we have said, artificial leather ICX-SKN will be a further clinical tests, and are not clear all its advantages and disadvantages. We, on our terms, I would like to clarify two points.

The company claimed that all its products produced from unmodified human cells, but then it is not clear in what quantities developers can make a skin, and how much it would cost to patients.

Another of the photos is not clear whether the field of transplantation of artificial skin cosmetic defects (such as red patches) or scars.

In any case, most recently ended the first phase of testing in the second half of this year, scientists will conduct a second during which scheduled transplantation ICX-SKN long wound. If these tests will give a good result, the developers will be able to obtain a business licence for mass production of artificial leather.

Meanwhile complacent as a result of preliminary testing, the authors article published in the journal Regenerative Medicine (Regenerative Medicine).

In summary, we can say that the novelty of course, (if mass production) will be widely used by surgeons, in particular, plastic, and other specialists in hospitals and clinics. It is estimated that by 2010 regenerative medicine, peace will spend almost $ 500 billion.

The terms "consumers" as a more or less clear : in the first place that adults and children are affected by various injuries and burns, in addition, would like to believe that over time, this will facilitate the development of life and older people, who often suffer from chronic illnesses skin.

Spaniards in stress misconception hotel anvils

Third June eight people, suited in white suits, helmets, masks and goggles, in broad daylight defeated entire floor hotel in Madrid. They went from room to room with sledgehammers and methodically laid in the dust all that their way. Upravivshis with 21 rooms for two hours, the pogrom promised to return to the hotel in September.

Hosts a four-star hotel NH Alcala, which has 146 comfortable rooms, know that after eight unichtozhiteley satisfied they will have 22 people with sledgehammers Jinpho too, and that will break all the bands. And for that nothing will!

But owners of a network of NH Hoteles, a 335 hotels in three continents, is not upset occurred. On the contrary, they are very pleased that this meant : "Who among us has not dreamed of in times of severe stress divided in disease all around?" with a smile, they said, looking at zhmuschihsya in door frames television, photographers and journalists. Meanwhile, a wise finished with TV and switched to writing, and sounds of hammer heard from the other bathroom, where life is surrounding end wall mirror.

But all began with that NH decided to reconstruct Alcala : although the hotel was opened in 1996, its interior is more in line with the 1970-m, as a new millennium, and the whole hotel clearly behind the Madrid today.

Scale "restayling" has been scheduled for this summer, and owners of establishments were gathered to hire workers, as they have clients wishing to "help in the reconstruction" : "Give us at least cracked furniture," they asked.

Marketing Division hotels have weighed the disadvantages, pros and decided that the volunteer company will benefit : on the one hand, you can save on the payment of professional destroyers, the other from all this might have loud headlines and nedurnoy PR.

"To the best advertising has, NH involved in the project team of psychologists, who threw Let throughout Spain, has been declared a" command destroyers from the stress especially brutalized people.

Not surprisingly, responded to the call of a one thousand, and each tried to convince the "jury" that his hard life has been completely black lines. People were very different : and corporate leaders and bankers, and youth with low salaries, and couples preparing for the wedding, and working mothers with young children, as well as Actor-achievers, taxi drivers, teachers, the unemployed, in debt, and so forth.

On the walls, you can see the logo and shares its name , educated English" room "(room) and Spanish verb "derrumbar" destroy (Reuters Photo / Sergio Perez).

On the walls, you can see the logo shares the name "Deroombing, educated English" room "(room) and the Spanish verb" derrumbar "destroy (Reuters Photo / Sergio Perez).

It should be noted that, according to the Spanish Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (Ministerio de Trabajo y Asuntos Sociales), suffer from stress ordinary workers and businessmen-to 10-point scale of "napryag" estimated at 6.7, while On average level of 5.6. The most "stress" is a Spaniard aged between 30 th and 54 years (estimate 5.9), and women suffer more than men : middle from 5.8 to 5.5.

In any case, after reviewing questionnaires applicants identified 100 pereutomlennyh finalists. They had to undergo medical examinations and deliver "a psychological examination, included the beating" chavkayuschego cigars boss "full size. During the massacre of doll test should shout phrases that reflect their emotional state, 'I zasluzhivayu respect! " and "Where is my money away? ! "

The result was the selection of 30 sufferers, who gave clothing, hammer and pickaxes, and exactly two hours to raspravitsya two dozen rooms.

No restrictions for destroyers, in fact, was not : break windows and mirrors, sryvayte curtains, prolamyvayte Wall rasscheplyayte furniture, grohnite TV, in a word, a message in this room as a rock star.

One of the psychologists, Laura Garcia (Laura Garcia), speaking of this innovative therapy, observed that the physical effort "to produce nervous, reducing tension in the body" and the destruction "to demonstrate the effect of the release of adrenaline."

So it is, in fact happened : the pogrom left the hotel tired, and yet stayed with shoulder-Hill, as the saying goes.

And, of course, they were happy, it is not the ability to produce a pair of "leadership Alcala issued" rekonstruktoram "invitation in September, when the hotel will be completely refurbished, the participants will be able to share it for free lunch and spend the night.

However, hammer this time will not do.